It was 19th of January 2019 and my Etsy app just made it’s typical “you got a new client request” sound. I love that sound, it’s music to my ears although now a days I’m hearing It less often since my clients are reaching out through my website.

A Hand Painted Love Story

Written by Stefanie Klempau

May 4, 2020

This day, Robyn was about to become my order number 50. She made a downpayment and mailed me her own jacket from Canada. It took 3 weeks to get to Santiago where I was anxiously expecting it. My first Canadian Bride.


The message was: Hey! Yes I am super interested in getting a custom jacket for my wedding day. I am getting married end of June. I would love to have my new last name on the jacket with florals in jewel tone colours and crystals as that is the theme of my wedding.


My first thought when hearing Crystals was: Swarovski crystals? Omg, hahaha, of course that was not what she was thinking about, but my extreme challenge addiction was making wild assumptions.

She sent me her bouquet inspiration and color scheme


The moment she sent me her website where I read about their “Love story”, I felt a connection, and once I feel a connection, my heart is completely aligned with the project I‘m about to start.

We emailed inspiration pictures back and forth, talked about important things for her to include, like quotes and wedding dates and scheduled her in. Enough time for shipping it back. 3 weeks before her scheduled day, I sat down, gathered all our conversations, and made a Sketch.

I can make a video out of almost any Sketch. Just ask for yours if you want to share it 🙂

She loved the design, asked for no changes, and that was it. Now it was up to me to materialize this vision.

But this customization story goes further. It has much more. One thing I like to do to get to know my clients better, is to look at their Instagram profiles. While I was looking at Robyns, I couldn‘t help to notice her cute, gorgeous pair of puppies. They were the most adorable dogs I had seen. I immediately sent her an email asking if the dogs where going to be part of the wedding! And she said, “yes, of course”!

I knew it, right then I knew what I had to do. I was not only doing her jacket, I wanted to do the dog bandanas as well, so I asked her how she called them, what they meant to her and him, how old they were, if she had had them before he met him or they got them as a couple.

I call Boone my Sun 
And Poppy my Moon 🙂 

These bandanas were going to be a gift from me to her

So, after working 4 days on the jacket and the two bandanas, everything was finally ready. I asked Robyn to pay the balance and for her shipping address. One fact about my process, is that I don‘t send any preview pictures. It’s never even a possibility in my head, and I‘m amazed how so many clients actually never even ask for it! I think the surprise factor is everthing! Few Brides a long my years have insisted so I have agreed on sending a picture of a fraction. It makes me so nervous!

Well, Now let’s get to the fun part. Want to see the final product? When Robyn saw it she emailed me this wonderful, amazing words I will cherish forever:

It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love and adore them. I was in tears reading the note you gave us and I do not cry over these type of things! Haha The work and love you put into everything you made for me is so evident. I am absolutely in aw of the jacket. It is stunning and beautiful and so badass. I can not wait to wear it on the wedding day and many other days after that. It is absolutely perfect. 
The bandanas are so adorable and special. You really made them true to Chris and I and individual to the pups. I thank you so much and can’t wait to get some awesome photos of them wearing them. The fabric is also perfect, nice and light for summer! 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these special and one of a kind items for my wedding day. I will always cherish them and can’t wait to show them all off!!! 
Thank you so much, 


Robyn, Chris, Boone and Poppy 

Written by Stefanie Klempau