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Only excpetion is my ¨URGENT ORDER¨ LISTING, that you can purchase and receive in time.

Regular openings start NOVEMBER ONWARDS TO 2021

I still recommend to save your spot at least 6 months ahead.

Hello, I´m Stefanie

You can address me in English, Spanish or German.

Have you ever seen or lived the process of a tattoo? Its exquisite. Its completely personalized to your wishes, your life story, your body and MOST IMPORTANT: Your love story.

For your wedding day you deserve a bespoke design that reflects everything important to you and you as a couple. My Jackets go way beyond ¨last name and flowers¨. I create magical pieces out of your imagination; sketch them and apply them.

After dozens of large Social Media Platforms published our famous Ride or Die Bridal Party things got busy. Martha Stewart and The Weddingwire think its something really unique. As a gift for yourself and/or as a gift to your Bridesmaids.

As my reviews say, I go above and beyond to make my customers happy and making sure they have fun throughout the entire process. I’m solution oriented. Hassle free please! 🙂

I hardly have limits when it comes to elements I can add to the design.
You tell me your love story and I sketch something for you. Flowers, geometric shapes, magical forests and mountains, far far away galaxies, starry nights with full moons, symbols, concepts, abstract ideas, compasses, Tropical Jungles, etc..
I will also encourage you to add as many details as you can think of that are important to your love story. Quotes, lyrics, dates, initials, etc…


Important details to me:

1. Wedding date?
2. Jacket? I supply, you supply?
3. General vision?

And most important of all:
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love to do this ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Hope to hear from you and answer all your questions ❤❤

Final Price for Bridal Design is $480 usd.

Balance is due a week before shipping.

My Designs include any element on the back and any quote or monogram anywhere else on the jacket.
Extras (or to be evaluated if extra): Dog portraits, Rhinestones, Golden Foil.
If you want any animal as the center element of the jacket, this has to be evaluated.

For Wedding Dates in less than 3 months please check out the ¨General Information¨on top of the page to find my updated information.

Final Price for Bridesmaids is $160 – $220 usd, depending on the amount of elements you want.

Jacket(s) not included.

You will get the jacket(s) at least 1 month before your wedding date.

Free Worldwide Shipping included in final price.

For urgent orders I use Fedex or UPS

Regular orders, national postal service. 

This is an artistic hand made product, so flexibility is required on both sides.

You can find many reviews in my Etsy site or for more updated, in my highlighted stories in Instagram.

Jacket(s) not included.

Many times I prefer to provide the Jacket, specially after CoVid, but using yours is also an option. I have many black faux leather Jackets available and always a few different choices in other colors or real leather. Prices reflect only my purchase cost transfered to you.

This listing is for weddings as close as 14 days up to any date were I dont have any regular spots available. (any fully booked months for example)

Jacket and express shipping is included.

Different available black faux leather jackets from sizes XS to XL.

Immediately after you purchase please send me an email with your wedding date, jacket size and wished design as detailed as possible. There is no time to loose.










🇺🇸 US & 🌎  Worldwide Shipping

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