My beloved Brides, women in general and all other passing visitor and possible clients.

There are lots a lots of online apps and people and social media accounts and opinionated family members, that can help you out when having to choose your wedding vendors. The venue, the flowers, the photographer, the officiant, the rentals, the cake, the food, omg the dress! But who can help you out when choosing such fun addition as a custom wedding Leather Jacket?! Maybe your dress designer can have some ideas. Maybe some planners have heard about leather jackets. But does anyone have a vendor catalogue for hand painted Wedding Leather Jackets? I hardly doubt it. Even if you would ask me I wouldn’t know much! I just happen to fell into this category somehow, just like a cat always falls on his feet but doesn’t really know HOW he did it. Well that’s me and probably any other custom leather jacket artist so far. It‘s not really something you plan on becoming. I can proudly say I’m a full time leather jacket artist and I have to admit my life went from amazing, to freakin amazing! I was born to connect with other women in a deep way.

I‘m not a “lot‘s of girlfriends” kind of girl, not at all. I really suck at small talk. I can do it, no problem, but any person looking at me from the side would sense I’m not in my comfort zone. I‘m a more “deep conversation” kinda girl. Yes, some call It ”intense”.

I want to know your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your worries, your humor, your guilts. I want to know how your dad or mom messed you up and what you fight about with your siblings. I want to know how you struggle with bad habits and what you expect out of life. And then…and then I want to give you all my valuable opinions on how to live your life hahaha no, I‘m kidding. But I do think I give wonderful advice hahahaha Try me!

Omg yes, I‘m intense. But thank god there is a profession for everyone. Being such a “deep feeling junky” makes me catch personality much quicker than anybody else. And what is this good for? It translates in to a completely personalized, story telling design. Only limitations are the ones you set yourself. Too deep? Ok erase that last phrase. LoL

Why choose me? I will make you laugh, I will make you feel understood and suported. For me, it‘s all about my clients. Never about me. Never about my timings, never about my difficulties, never about my problems. It‘s all about the Bride and her needs, her timings, her wishes and her personality. There is never going to be a No from my side and If something isn’t going to work out I will offer 99 alternatives…