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How the process works

The Process¨I love my process not being standardized¨I have been wanting to write about how the  general process looks like, with every minor detail, but every time I do, I end up regreting it because it actually makes everything feel more complicated than it is!...

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A Hand Painted Love Story

It was 19th of January 2019 and my Etsy app just made it’s typical “you got a new client request” sound. I love that sound, it’s music to my ears although now a days I’m hearing It less often since my clients are reaching out through my...

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Why choose me?

My beloved Brides, women in general and all other passing visitor and possible clients. There are lots a lots of online apps and people and social media accounts and opinionated family members, that can help you out when having to choose your wedding vendors. The...

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