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Custom Traditional Tattoo Style Jacket


This Jacket is something you have never seen before. The work is takes to recreate these famous artists illustrations is not something easily overseen.
Together we can choose and use illustrations of your choice to create a unique jacket for you.
Regular Worldwide shipping is included.
Jacket is not included.

Important is to understand that I do not create these illustrations from scratch, these are famous artists illustrations. I can give you a desired layout composition and a few changes for example in wordings and colors.
Frequently asked questions:
- What type of Jacket can you use?
I can work on Faux Leather or Real Leather (any color) but the flatter and regular the texture the better the outcome.
- How much time in advance do I need to book?
This type of jacket needs at least 3 months a head booking to qualify for the regular price. For orders that need delivery between 8 and 12 weeks an extra fee of 100- 150 usd may apply.
- Do I provide the jacket?
You can mail me your jacket or I can provide one. I have plenty Faux Leather Jackets available and can also purchase any other jacket for you.
- What is also included on the back design and sleeve designs (if included)?
Rhinestones and wordings and other non tattoo style elements.
- Does the paint last or will it eventually fade or crack?
The paint is the best quality and created specially for leather and faux leather products. It will not crack or fade if treated correctly. Never.

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