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Hey There, It´s Stefanie !

All my life i‘ve been dreaming of this… To create something unique out of a story or experience, motivated, above all, by pure love and passion. 

The name fabrics tattoo comes from the intent of creating something that‘s absolutely customized and will last forever, just like a tattoo. The only difference? It‘s going to be on your wedding leather jacket!

My dream came true; and so will yours. Together, lets give your wedding day that unique and subtle elegant touch.

Send me your favorite leather jacket, or i‘ll shop one for you!

I love my wedding leather jacket… It was everything I wanted, and more… The details are amazing. Stefanie was fantastic to deal with and took the time to understand what I wanted. She also completed my jacket in a short timeframe (as I was not organised enough to give her a lot of time) to ensure I had the jacket with me a few weeks before my big day. I cant thank you enough…


My Creation Process

I blend the wonderful colours of Angelus Paint with botanical designs inpired by your favorite flowers, and we‘ll create a badass little piece of art, filled with meaningful details that will definitely make your day even more memorable.

Covered with an invisible acrylic finisher, it becomes a versatile masterpiece which you will be able to wear for years…

The most INCREDIBLE work ever! Stefanie did a fully customized jacket copying our wedding emblem and it’s my favorite thing from our entire wedding!


No one stays out !

your Best friend


If you have a furry friend, and want him to be part of your wedding story, we can design a custom painted bandana with a significant message…

your Best friend


If you have little loved ones, they always bring nice stories to tell… make them feel part of your wedding with a custom painted bandana with a significant message…

They‘ll thank  you forever…

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